Is There Really a Best Company?

It's False When It's Used To Claim You're in the Best MLM Company.
It's True When You Say It's The Best MLM Company for YOU.

Do You See The Difference in the Statements Above?

There's a best company for YOU, but you cannot say your company is the best for everyone. Just like we point out in our book, How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity: even if there was such a thing as the "best company", the MLM company is only part of what makes a great opportunity. That includes our company; if we didn't have other aspects of a good opportunity such as lead generation, good training, systems, and mentorship, it wouldn't be a good opportunity.

Let us lay it out this way...we would obviously recommend our company. That's what we have been building for over 10 years. We believe in our company like anyone else. However, we could not in good conscience recommend the opportunity (including our company as part of it) if the team you were joining didn't have the other areas of a good opportunity covered. The company is important, but it's not the only thing to consider.


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If you would like us to mail you an information kit, you can request via web form.

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There are too many advertisements for the next greatest thing like: "ground-floor", "this opportunity is better than yours", "this product is the end-all-be-all" and list goes on and on...Just don't fall for this crap.

Let Us Tell You Why We Love Our Company and Why Its Good For our Business Common Sense Style...

You could pick the wrong team culture when you choose a network marketing opportunity. It doesn't matter how good the opportunity is...if you pick a team that isn't a "good fit" for you (that includes us as well), then it will be hard for you to work within that organization.

USANA Health Sciences

Our company is USANA Health Sciences. It is a health and nutrition company founded in 1992.

We are not going to throw every fact or statistic at you on why USANA is a great network marketing company. You can research that on the company's website for yourself. We will highlight some things that made this a good company choice for us.

If you would like to learn more about USANA, click here to go to our USANA videos page. We have listed videos that we have found to answer most questions.

Publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

You may wonder why this is important.

We both have backgrounds in finance and accounting, therefore we understand the importance of financial transparency. Whether you are aware of this or not, publicly-traded companies have to stick to the strictest financial reporting requirements.

To us, we want to know what is going with a company and how the investors view the decisions the company makes. It gives us more information going forward on our own strategy for building our own business.

Founded by a Scientist, Not A MLM Guy

USANA was founded by a scientist with a real vision of changing health; he isn't a marketer or former distributor with visions of a big payday. We wanted a founder that actually developed a unique product; in the age of discount stores and large box stores, you cannot compete on price as a network marketer. You can only compete on product quality.

Dr. Myron Wentz, our founder is an internationally recognized microbiologist, immunologist, and pioneer in the development of human cell culture technology and infectious disease diagnoses.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Manufacturing in a FDA-Registered Facility

The Food and Drug Administration requires that dietary supplement manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements (21 CFR, part 111). USANA, however, voluntarily follows the more stringent GMP for pharmaceuticals as the basis for its quality assurance program, which regulates virtually every aspect of manufacturing, including facility design and maintenance, raw material specification and control, supplier validation, product design and testing, and more. This voluntary adherence to GMP for pharmaceuticals means that USANA treats nutritional supplements with the same care that goes into the manufacturing of over-the-counter products.

In addition, USANA has acquired Drug Establishment Registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means USANA operates a FDA-registered facility, following the FDA's highest possible standard for manufacturers.

Competitively Priced Products

Let's face of the "stigmas" of MLM is that the products are unreasonably priced. When you compare what's in our product (even removing manufacturing quality and raw materials), our products are competitive in price even with the most common vitamins. The only time a product manages to beat us on price is when you are making an apples to oranges comparison as opposed to an apples to apples comparison. We can tell you that any customer that wants to make an unfair, illogical comparison is not a customer you want.

Why is competitive product pricing important? Because if you want to build a real customer base, then you must be competitive with your products.

The Best Kept Secret of Elite Athletes

USANA sponsors hundreds of athletes around the world. Nearly 200 USANA-sponsored athletes competed in the 2014 Sochi Winter Games with unprecedented results. If Team USANA were a country, it would have placed second in the overall medal standing with a record 30 podium appearances-13 gold, 7 silver, and 10 bronze-and tied with Russia for the most gold hardware of the Games.

Everyone loves a product with a guarantee. But how many companies will give an athlete up to $1 million (USD) if they test positive for a banned substance as a result of taking its products? Only one. USANA.

But Remember, None of What Makes USANA Great Matters, IF...

If you don't join the right team in USANA, it's going to be hard to have success. Again as we talk about in our How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity book, even our company and its greatness is not enough to grow a successful network marketing business. You need the other areas discussed on this website.

A company like USANA is required for a solid network marketing opportunity and we have laid that out here; hopefully, what makes us different is what we offer beyond that...lead generation, duplication through training and systems, and very unique team culture; when you decide you are ready to make network marketing your stepping stone to whatever it is you want, it's time to talk to us.

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