Did I Join the Right Team or Group?

The Key Question: Do You See Yourself Having Success in MLM with this Group?

Myth #1: Join the fastest growing team and I'll grow just as fast as the team!

The Truth: The only way a fast growing team can help you is if the people who are growing fast are teaching you what they know, so you can grow your own organization with that information.

Myth #2: If I join someone who has been successful, they can teach me to be successful...

The Truth: You must confirm that who you are joining can teach you what they know and that what they are doing is duplicatable. Too many leaders in MLM are successful off of techniques that only work for them and not their teams.


Option #1: Website Form

If you would like us to mail you an information kit, you can request via web form.

If you would like us to mail you an information kit, you can request via web form.

Option #2: Call Us

You can call us at 775-573-0686 and when prompted, Press 1 to leave your information on our voicemail system.

Who Are We? That's The Question You Should Be Asking...

We can start off by telling you what we aren't about. We aren't flashy...you won't find us in fancy cars, big homes, boats, or whatever other toy a lot of MLM leaders flaunt. Network Marketing has always been a vehicle for us to develop financial freedom. Although it's still our best business to date, we have used the income from our network marketing business to invest in other businesses and investments.

Our goal has always been this: Be the Warren Buffett of MLM - incredibly successful, but frugal, smart with money, live below our means and leave a financial empire beyond us that makes a difference. Everyone in MLM promotes having a fast car that they bought on credit, big home, boats, etc. They have the appearance of being rich...but how many are living commission to commission check? Why do people follow Warren Buffett? Is it because he has the biggest car or house? Nope. Clearly not, yet people are impressed with him.

What You Need To Know About Our Team and Its Culture...

You could pick the wrong team culture when you choose a network marketing opportunity. It doesn't matter how good the opportunity is...if you pick a team that isn't a "good fit" for you (that includes us as well), then it will be hard for you to work within that organization.

We're in a Health & Nutrition Company.

You don't need to be a bodybuilder, "health nut" or superstar athlete, but you must care about your health.

There are lot of health and wellness companies in MLM, but very few teams "walk the talk" when it comes to their health. If you are not paying as much attention to your health as you should, then maybe now is the time to pay attention to your health.

Don't Forget We Wrote the Anti Suit Entrepreneur Book.

The Anti Suit Entrepreneur is all about living life on your teams; a sub-title in the cover is "Escape the Suit and Tie."

We will avoid a suit and tie like the plague. The only time we ever wear a suit and tie is when we are required to do so and that means we often decline situations that require us to wear a suit and tie. Here's the point: if you are expecting us to look like lawyers, then this isn't the team for you. Jason got out of law, so he didn't have to wear a tie. He isn't going to do it now, because that's not living life on his terms.

We're Known as the "Anti-Gimmick" Team.

We don't hop on the latest and greatest bandwagon - whether it's a product or new training system. Results and science speak louder than marketing hype to us.

Just be aware if you are the type of person that jumps from one thing to the next, because you are tempted by what's new and what's the greatest, then this isn't the right culture for you. There is a difference between continually improving and striving for excellence and constantly jumping to the next newest thing.

We're "in the Trenches" with You.

We're the "in the trenches" type of leaders. We're not the type that stand up on stage and tell you to go do it; or the people that did it 20 years ago and now just sit back and teach and talk about what they used to do. We roll up our sleeves and still work the business.

The problem in the industry is that it's full of "legacy" leaders; these are people who did really well years ago, but it's debatable whether they could still build it today. These same legacy leaders are creating courses, holding seminars, writing books and profiting greatly off their knowledge. We have no problem with that; however, what's in their training isn't necessarily effective anymore.

Our Life isn't our MLM Business.

Our life consists of more than just MLM. Even though we're full time, we still work our business part time.

Too many leaders have success, but they are slaves to their businesses working 100+ hours and never stopping. We balance life, have fun and make time for other business and investment opportunities.

We're Down to The Earth.

As discussed earlier, we're not about fancy cars, big houses, boats, and other toys. We have no issue with people that want those things in their life; but that's not who we are.

It's important to us to have long-term active, recurring, and passive income streams (we discuss what we mean by this in our Anti Suit Entrepreneur book). Spending money on flashy things or toys we really don't need isn't the road to long-term wealth. Again, we always strive to be the Warren Buffett of MLM.

If our team culture is right up your alley, then it's time to start the application process...

Make Sure We Are Everything We Say We Are...Risk-Free for 20 Days*

We want to give you a chance to work with us risk-free. We want you to see for yourself that our team culture is exactly what is represented here.

If after 20 days you feel that you don't feel like our team is the place for you, we'll give you every cent back. It's that simple.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Don't procrastinate, don't hesitate. Just take action. You can build the business you never thought you could have - if you make the choice to begin right now.

*The Risk-Free, 100% Guarantee only applies to people who have submitted applications that have been accepted by us.