Why Am I Lost? Is It My Upline's Training or Is It Me?

If you're not doing well in your MLM business, then how are you going to have duplication in your team?

Any of these statements familiar to you?

You are told that you need a BIGGER WHY whenever you ask for advice on the "how-to" aspects of the business; very rarely do you get any "specifics" on what you need to do for success.

You think (or have been lead to believe) that there is a system that can train your downline for you.

You believe (or are lead to believe) that sponsoring is what cures everything...

You've been told that downline members who have a "big why" or "want it bad enough" will make it happen, so you don't need training.

Whenever you have a valid question for our upline, the response is always: "You're overcomplicating it; just do it.


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If you would like us to mail you an information kit, you can request via web form.

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Our "Pet Peeves" About Leaders in MLM and Training (or Lack Thereof)...

Pet Peeve #1: "Ground-Floor Opportunity" or "the Product Sells Itself"

Just STOP and THINK about those claims for a minute. If a product or service sold itself, what would the company need you for? What would any company need people for? Do you think if a Fortune 500 company had products and/or services that sold themselves, they would pay staff to sell and support them? NO! Of course not!

Pet Peeve #2: "Fool-Proof" Scripts and Strategies

When these so-called "gurus" sell courses, programs, etc. that have scripts that are "fool-proof" and will get prospects interested. That's why MLM has a bunch of robotic, cheesy sounding people running around throwing these "fool-proof" scripts at people.

The only way to become good at selling anything (especially in MLM) is to learn real communication skills, handle any situation, know where to take the conversation, and just be generally competent at talking to people. There aren't any shortcuts. Would you like doctors in the E.R. who took shortcuts to get where they are at? We think that question answers itself.

Pet Peeve #3: Training is "Make a List of Your Friends and Family..."

Most people who have built a MLM business before have been exposed to the "make a list of everyone you know, get excited and go talk to them" training...BUT is that training? We would say no...that is what many opportunities offer as the training program...it may be disguised under a "hypy" name or even claimed as a "system," or "we do that but it's different with this opportunity"...it's still the same thing and it doesn't work.

Pet Peeve #4: The Affiliate Program Bait and Switch

We call this pet peeve the "affiliate program bait and switch," because many people recruit in MLM based on the representations that they have a training program and/or marketing programs. Yet, many don't have any training or marketing plans. Their training is referring you to other programs for training and marketing that have very expensive price tags. What's worse, is that many of these people make BIG affiliate commissions off of you!

We don't do this to our downline! In fact, we sell courses to network marketers (because people outside of our company have begged us to sell our courses), BUT we don't pay affiliate commissions. We refuse to. Any referral commission made from a referral is paid in "marketing credits" which means it only can be used to market their network marketing business instead of becoming a money making thing on the side. We want people to make money from their MLM business not some affiliate program!

We want you to invest your money on marketing and growing your business...NOT buying a bunch of over priced courses that you don't need.

Pet Peeve #5: The Endless Seminar Trap

We hold seminars for people inside and outside our downline in our company and for people outside of our company. However, we don't require people to attend seminars to learn the "real secrets" or way to build their business. All of that information is contained in our training courses and through our mentorship. Usually our seminars are designed for people outside of our team who want to take the home study information and do a focused training in a specific time with us (since they aren't in our team and therefore working with us). Typically, if a downline member attends those seminars, we don't make a profit from them (since they made a commitment to our team); the only exception to that is when we hold seminars that benefit charity.

Too many leaders in network marketing hold back their "real training" for the "Special Super Duper" training event and trap their downline into an endless seminar or training event which only accomplishes one thing: spending money on something that doesn't help your business grow.

We will say it again: we want you to spend your money on marketing and growing your business...

A Brief History of Integritas Group

We released Integritas Group in 2005. We got everyone in our downline plugged into the system. Initially, the training was "just enough" to get us by. As we continued to rank advance, we started to have distributors and leaders in our company (not in our downline) come to us and ask to use our system and training.

Integritas Group was very helpful to us, because it helped refine the "ins and outs" of not just doing the business, but figuring out how to TRAIN people how to do the business at a system wide level. It's completely different from other systems out there that we have seen because it was built by network marketers for network marketers.

Over the years, our programmers were constantly updating the system to model the successful techniques that we were using, so our downline would have a step-by-step program to follow.

We have worked with thousands of people both in and out of our downline in our company and outside our company. We're spreading our Business Common Sense building style, no-nonsense training programs across the network marketing industry.

One downline member said "I have been in multiple companies, been through every training program that exists in MLM and I have never seen anything like you guys have....that's why I am joining your downline and this is my last opportunity; I'm convinced of it."

What makes our system work is that its programming is extremely intuitive and complex, so it appears very easy to use by our downline members, but in the background, it's thinking for you in a lot of ways. We call it Artificial Intelligence.

All Devices, 100% Mobile Friendly

What You'll Get Access To When You Join Our Team...

Kick-Ass Contact Manager Built Specifically for Network Marketing by Our Own Programming Team

The system is built for Network Marketing and built around our training, so you will get exactly what you need instead of trying to "make something work."

Our contact manager is perfectly matched to our training. So, when you take our Communication & Sales course, it will teach you a proven communication process that our contact manager follows.

Direct Mentorship with Jason Wells and Chris Lopez

You'll be working directly with Jason Wells and Chris Lopez on your business.

Every person that joins our team is slightly different, so we will custom tailor your business building plan to what will give you the best possible chance for success. We will use our knowledge, experience, resources, and our custom network marketing system (that we own entirely) to set up your plan including (but not limited to) custom online marketing campaigns, product sales programs, and areas that you personally need to focus on for your own personal leadership.

Sales & Communication Training

Typically, communication is the biggest problem for struggling network marketers. Network marketers struggle with "unnatural" conversations with potential prospects, not knowing a sales process, and finally the inability to close a prospect.

Until you stop doing what the majority of leaders are teaching, you will continue to struggle. Most leaders in network marketing are teaching you "cheesy," unprofessional things to say to your prospects. They aren't teaching you a process to follow and make this whole sales process a mystery.

Customer Training

You need to build a strong customer base in order to create true residual income and a rock solid network marketing business. Very few people in network marketing truly know how to sell the products and get customers. That leaves you fumbling around with your words and potentially building a "glass house!"

This course will teach you everything on how to build a strong customer base. In fact, it's created many Top 15 award winners for customers in our own company, in and out of our downline.

How To Talk About The Opportunity

There's a gold mine of potential downline members around all the time. Many are wanting exactly what you and your network marketing business have to offer. You either don't know what to say and look like a "deer in the headlights" or you use "cheesy" scripts that actually drive people (and any hope of sponsorship) away from you.

Learn our simple, yet powerful approach to having a discussion about what you do. We have spent over ten years perfecting how to incorporate people you know into your marketing plan.

Goal Setting

Every successful person sets goals, but goal setting is probably the most vague, frustrating area in building a network marketing business. Typical goal setting strategies actually put you on a vicious up and down roller coaster of emotions that set you up for failure.

Learn our almost "failure proof" Zig Zag Goal Setting course that will teach you the right way to set goals and put you on an "upward spiral of success" to achieving them.

How To Train Your Downline

The big "walk away" income in network marketing is made by training your team to duplicate. Training your downline is probably the hardest thing to do in MLM. Very few people can do that... but it's essential for a big MLM business.

Our course breaks down the entire process of training your team so you learn how to train and mentor your team.

It's More Than Just Courses and Systems When You Join Our Team...It's About the Mentorship You'll Get From Us...

Try Our Training Courses, System, and Mentorship out Risk-Free for 20 Days*

We want to give you a chance to work with us risk-free. We want you to see for yourself how powerful our training and mentorship is.

The training in our Integritas Group system will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to grow your business with us. We're giving you 20 days* to work with us, read the material, review the audio and video content, and use the contact manager. Of course, feel free to browse the private site, ask questions, and talk to fellow team members in Integritas Group.

If after 20 days, you don't feel like our team is the place for you, we'll give you every cent back. It's that simple.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Don't procrastinate, don't hesitate. Just take action. You can build the the type of MLM organization you have dreamed of - if you make the choice to begin right now.

*The Risk-Free, 100% Guarantee only applies to people who have submitted applications that have been accepted by us.