Our Integritas Group Guarantee

Learn How This Guarantee Protects You and How It Helps Us Sort Out People...

We're very confident that we have far and away the best training, contact management, lead generation system; and mentorship for network marketing professionals.

We offer a 100% guarantee*. You have 20 days to review our system, work with us directly, try the products from the company, and if for whatever reason it's not for you, return it and we see to it that our network marketing company gives you your money back for product purchased to that point; we'll also make sure you get your money back on any fees incurred in using our training and contact management system.

Now here's the only catch: If you don't complete the training, take advantage of our mentorship, and are not focused on the process, then will not extend this guarantee to you. We have this guarantee, because we understand that there are a lot of claims out there, so we're willing to "put our money with our mouths are at" to provide you with that protection. However, we must protect the IG Unit from people who are "big talkers," lazy, and people who don't take responsibility for their lack of action.

As long as you do the work and you happen to conclude that we don't have the best training, systems, and mentorship you have ever seen, we see to it that you get your money back. It's that simple.

Jason Wells & Chris Lopez
Integritas Group