The Master Plan for You.

You're Going to Get a Direct, Transparent Plan When You Work with Us...

Stage I: Initial Training and Marketing Push

Training & Personal Mentorship

The first step we'll need to accomplish is to get you started with our Phase I and Phase II training which is a part of our system (we discuss this towards the bottom of the Duplication page of this website).

You will learn basic communication skills and some basic concepts needed to get started as quickly as possible. If you have had experience in MLM, you have to change your mindset and learn our Business Common Sense philosophy that we discuss in our Complete Networker book.

Remember, when you join the IG Unit, you'll get personal mentorship and training with Jason Wells & Chris Lopez.

Marketing Push

After we get you set up with our training and you have enough knowledge to proceed, we set up your initial marketing plan. Our approach on marketing is to focus advertising in your local area, languages you speak, special knowledge areas you have, and/or unique connections that you can utilize.

We use our marketing knowledge to create a custom marketing plan for you (we discussed this towards the bottom of the Custom Leads page on this website.) Our goal is to help you find five to ten solid people who also can get through Stage I like you. Once we accomplish that, it will be time to proceed to Stage II.


Option #1: Website Form

If you would like us to mail you an information kit, you can request via web form.

If you would like us to mail you an information kit, you can request via web form.

Option #2: Call Us

You can call us at 775-573-0686 and when prompted, Press 1 to leave your information on our voicemail system.

Stage II: Massive Marketing Push for Team Growth

The purpose of Stage II is to leverage you, your initial team, and our marketing knowledge to utilize one or both of the brands (Anti Suit Entrepreneur or Complete Networker) to grow your business to the next level. We want to take a team of 10 and grow it to 50 to 100 certain circumstances it can be more. The size always depends on the area, your effort and the effort of your team.

Anti Suit Entrepreneur Seminars

We will do live presentations covering the concepts discussed in the Anti Suit Entrepreneur book. We will drive people to the Anti Suit Entrepreneur website and create interest in what you are currently doing to develop recurring and passive income. This is our opportunity to discuss our network marketing business with people as an answer for recurring income and vested mentorship.

Starting out with a discussion on basic business concepts and entrepreneurship "eases" the idea of network marketing to people who have may not be previously exposed to the business model; it's a very effective tool to introduce our network marketing business.

We take your initial team developed in Stage I and construct a full marketing blitz around the Anti Suit Entrepreneur brand using the book, website, and media in connection with online and offline marketing concepts to grow your business in your local area.

Complete Networker Seminars

We will do live presentations covering our Business Common Sense philosophy in our Complete Networker book. Often times, new people in our team have contacts in network marketing who would find the concepts discussed in this website refreshing. These are people who love network marketing and want the business to work for them, but are tired of the same old MLM B.S.

Focusing a discussion on how you should build network marketing based on the concepts in our Complete Networker book, we would help people understand the right and wrong way to build the business.

We would also incorporate the six criteria for choosing a good network marketing opportunity like we discuss in our book, How To Choose a Network Marketing Opportunity.

The point of this type of seminar is to educate people and the people who are attracted to what we are talking about will express interest in joining our team. The people who don't join your team will walk away with a different perspective on MLM and that is good for all of us whether or not they are in your business.

Stage III: Massive Marketing Push for Customers & Product Retention

Once we have a team of 50 to 100 people, we move towards a live event focused on the products.

The purpose of this event is to generate a large pool of customers for your team; in addition we'll create strong understanding of health and nutrition and why our products can help your team members on a personal level, so we ensure long-term product use and retention.

Typically, we bring in professional and Olympic athletes and/or scientists from our company to talk about health subjects for a compelling presentation for your current team, current customer base within your team and future customers who are interested in health.

Naturally, this will create interest in the business; we have had a lot of customers become interested in the business and inquire on the business after these types of events.

Stage IV: Leadership Training

Initially, in our marketing pushes for building a big team, strong customer base, and product retention, you will begin to learn the initial leadership skills you will need to lead your team on your own just by "being around us" as we assist you.

However, at this point in your business, we'll begin to "shift gears" and focus on developing your leadership skills and plan for running your team. We say "plan," because every team (your future downline), every market (city, state/province, country) and every leader (you) are different. We'll need to fine-tune a plan for you to run your team and continue to grow your organization.

We will begin to hand-off some of the marketing duties and leadership responsibilities, so we'll not only have to teach you leadership, but we'll have to show you our marketing techniques that we have used to grow your team in your area. This all is a very "fluid" and changing process, so your involvement in the marketing and leadership will be required and welcomed by us. We want you to be a strong leader; it's just good for business.

We make sure that you have a complete understanding of Integritas Group and its contact management system (so you can make sure your team understands how to use it with their contacts, customers, and their future downline.) We'll make sure you understand the whole training program (which you have already gone through) in a way that you can use it to train your team, i.e. when to recommend this course for this person and when to recommend that course for another person. Many of these situations are documented. However, you will need to learn the training on a higher leadership level to adapt to unique situations and assist your team members.

Stage V: Branding You

The "walk-away" income for us will depend on giving you the opportunity (if you want it) to create your own brand and following (in a marketing sense).

Creating a brand for you includes setting up a website or websites for growing your team and your customers with training on how to market them without our involvement. It can be more advanced than that if you have the desire. We have written multiple books and have coached others on setting up their brand including consulting on writing books, using them to market themselves and their brand, as well as other techniques. In a nutshell, you can see everything that we've done to brand ourselves. We can help you set up similar things.

This requires a tremendous amount of effort and work for our staff (and us), but we know that people who are at Stage V of their business who successfully brand themselves will be a part of our network marketing business that we'll never have to worry about again. Your business will be big, stable, and strong, with growth in its future. That's what duplication is all about.

If the above doesn't impress you, then we're not sure what will...

In the end, we hope laying out our master plan for you lets you know that we truly are different than anything you have ever come across. In a time where network marketing companies are starting like weeds and everything is the "next big thing," it's hard for legitimate, credible leaders who have a solid plan for people who are serious about building MLM in the right way to "cut through" the garbage and get the message out there.

When you see the value of our master plan for you, then start our application process. We want to speak with you.